Creating an atmosphere of fear to cheat, exploit

Few are aware of the fact that indian intelligence and security agencies are excellent at creating an atmosphere of fear to defame, cheat and exploit harmless indian citizens and to ensure that their victim does not complain, try to get justice or try to get compensation for the atrocities committed . Denial of information is the one main methods used by the cunning indian intelligence and security agencies , so their victim is forced to keep guessing to figure out what the problem is.
These government employees will also use voice to skull technology to provide incorrect information and to frighten their victim into keeping quiet, not complaining online and offline
For example ntro employees are trying to ensure that their resume theft fraud on a harmless domain investor is not exposed by threatening to file fake cases against her, that she will be labelled as having health problems , though in reality , it will be fairly difficult for them to actually implement their threats. It can take a few months or years for their victim to realize that the ntro employees are shameless cunning liars and frauds , who only wishes to exploit and cheat the victim to the maximum extent possible for personal gain or hatred